Raise Your Hand If…..

You’re like me.  It happens every year, in fact a few times a year.   As the days of time turn, I find myself in the same dilemma and I’d bet you do too.   For every season there is a CHANGE.   The inevitable CHANGE…The AGONIZING change … are you with me? Any idea what I’m talking about? 

Today, I want to address the tug-of-war that goes on between your body and your mind as it relates to how our souls connect with our outer image, namely clothing

As women, in our media crazed culture, we must admit that we all feel some outward pressure to always be MORE.


The MORE we are, the MORE beautiful we are, the MORE valued we are, the MORE loved we will be.  Always MORE, never enough. 

No matter our age, weight, height, build, size, education, occupation, background, perhaps we could agree on one thing, “we as women were created to bring beauty into the world”.   The condition of any bachelor pad can attest to this!  You know this, you get it!  

As women, we ALL create beauty in one form or another, but if I asked you, “do you FEEL beautiful?” would you stutter to give an answer?  

Where does your mind go?  What do you see?  Sit with this a moment.  Hold that thought, we will come back to it.

Let’s dig a little deeper.  

We are all in different places, with different goals…some of us seek to lose the extra pounds, others are aiming to gain some weight (lean mass or to reach a more healthy body fat level).  Regardless of the goals, the exact place we find ourselves today IS evidence that our bodies ARE working exactly as they were created.

Your body was created to sustain life, a unique life, your life.  Any extra weight or lack thereof, is simply evidence of either an energy surplus or energy deficit over time.  Maybe our bodies are not at an optimal body composition today, but because we are breathing, there is an intricate system at work within us that makes it possible.  It is a miraculous system and we are awesomely beautiful!

Even if you don’t FEEL beautiful at the moment, YOUR MERE naked presence as a woman, in it’s created state, by itself, in this moment and season of life, is awesomely beautiful!

Sit with this a moment.  Read it again, will you grasp it?

Will you say to yourself, “JUST by my existence, I am beautiful!!”

Consider going to a mirror, will you say it again – “ I am beautiful!”

Notice what is happening inside?   Is there a peace or a tug-of-war?   What is hindering you from living fully there?

I am beautiful!!

Just because I exist, I am Beautiful!

So what does this have to do with CLOTHING?

As we approach a new season, I stand in front of my closet staring endlessly for what to wear – it’s cool this morning, but it will be warm later.  I like that one, but it’s a little snug. I hate that piece. Oh, this one is fun, but I have nothing that goes with it.  I could wear this, but well, no, I don’t have the right shoes.  I’ll never be able to wear those jeans again.  THOSE JEANS.  I tell myself, “just decide already”, as I stand there another few minutes in the time suck.

I struggle with clothes.  Clothes just don’t fit me right.  I hate this, my thighs (thanks, mom!).  What am I going to wear?

You get it, it goes on and on and on.

But it runs a lot deeper than fashion sense.  It hits me where it hurts.  Which is the root of this daily dilemma.

If I am totally honest, my closet whispers lies to me, reminding me that I am not enough.  Many days it ambushes my mind and takes captive of my beauty.  It often outright incriminates me.

At different points, we all do this to ourselves…..UNNECESSARY MENTAL ANGUISH and AGONY.

Last year, I gained some weight.  On purpose, I chose to gain some weight in order to change my long term body composition. But I made another more important conscious decision in the process – To love myself and my life in light of goals while embracing a really uncomfortable place.  No matter where you are in your process, I invite you to do the same.  YOU CAN DO THE SAME.  You can stop the tug-of-war while embracing the process toward your goals.

I won’t admit how long I held on to those jeans from before pregnancy (hint: I have grown children, lol!).  Likely, you have a few things hanging around that whisper lies to you that need to go.

So it’s time to let go ladies.  With your goals in mind, it’s time to release yourself from those things that hold you back from living fully today.  It’s time to let go of the mindset that keeps you in bondage, that tells you, you need to be more and that you’re not enough.

I challenge you to look in the mirror differently, see your amazing, adaptable and resilient beautifully created body.  Look in to a different closet with a fresh mindset.   Let go of the old jeans and a closet that whispers lies to you.  Your body might not be where you desire it to be yet, but will you choose to live in your beautiful existence today?   I give you permission to tell yourself the truth, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL just for being YOU.

Stay tuned… I’ll be sharing some SIMPLE strategies you can use to have a Wardrobe you love, AND a closet that embodies your beauty and your goals that frees you to live fully today!!

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