Our Philosophy

Fitness fulfills everything I crave from a creative process. I truly love all of the aspects of developing a training program to the meticulous adjustments to someone’s nutrition program in contest prep. I can’t imagine my life, as it is, without it. It’s changed the way I see things, the way I interact with people, the way I relate to my faith. Coaching people through their fitness journey is an extremely collaborative experience. I love, want and need an athlete to be involved in every aspect of their programming in order to serve them best. From their initial inquiry, from sharing their goals and aspirations, to achieving those goals, I want it to be team work! We will continually adjust and modify the programming until it is perfectly suited for each athlete. It is my hope to work with athletes who share this vison. Creating a trusting relationship allows me to do my best work. 

Kala Duncan

Head Coach and Owner, The OMNI FIT

At The OMNI FIT our goal is to provide you with educational resources and also connect you with others who desire to learn, grow and share in their journey.

Get smart, look good and make friends?!? Win-Win!

Fitness goes far beyond just making you look good, it improves your health, quality of life, self esteem and overall well being. We believe your exercise program should be enjoyable, but also challenging. It should be something you look forward to and something that leaves you feeling satisfied and successful.

Our goal is to educate and empower all of the athletes we have the opportunity to influence. We want to help you sift through all that information and misconceptions around eating, training or preparing for a physique competition.

Overall, we want you to become more aware, mindful and ‘in tune’ with your body and its signals, so that you can learn to trust it better. Stop relying on the one-size-fits-all type diet and training approaches. Start doing what YOU need. We want your food and exercise to become a higher value in your life because you realize the direct connection it has to your daily energy, mood, productivity, sleep, relationships to others, and ability to handle life’s stress.


We don’t give you rules; we give you tools. 

  • You will gain confidence in and out of the gym
  • You will become more productive and have sustained energy throughout the day
  • You will be free from the “diet mindset” and learn to eat without restrictions
  • You will learn how to interpret your body’s bio-feedback so you can make changes for yourself in the future.
  • You will feel sexy and proud of the body you are building…on the inside and the outside!!

Don’t waste time trying everything you read on the internet. Let us customize a foolproof plan for you to succeed!

You can read about our scientific position stand on all topics within nutrition and supplementation here.


Q: Do you offer customized programs?

A: YES! We love creating custom programs specifically for your goals. You can check out our options here.

Q: Do you offer programs I can download and do on my own or do I have to hire you as a coach?

A: YES! We have several DIY program options. Some are customized and others are not. Check them out here. We are always available for questions through our private community group on Facebook. Anyone who makes a purchase from The OMNI FIT is invited to join our community.

Q: Do you offer meal plans?

A:  In our early days, we learned something the hard way: Meal plans and diets aren’t useful or sustainable for the vast majority of clients.

Clients often feel like they’re either “on” them or “off” them. The black and white nature of a meal plan suggests that people have to eat perfectly at each meal (to match what’s listed in the plan) — or they’ve failed. It’s psychologically unpalatable and unsustainable.

Even more, meal plans are too inflexible. They don’t work with the reality of people’s busy lives. Work meetings, children’s programs, meals out, dogs that need walking, cars that break down, family members that get ill, etc. Meal plans take none of these into account.

Finally, meal plans assume people already have the skills to follow them. But that’s simply not true. Most people who aren’t eating healthy today don’t have the basics down.

Without skills like:

  • planning grocery shopping;
  • choosing the right items from the store;
  • storing and preparing food correctly;
  • eating slowly and mindfully;
  • tuning into hunger and appetite cues;
  • avoiding problem foods; and
  • choosing better options at restaurants…

…following a meal plan becomes hopeless.

You might as well ask someone who’s only strong enough to squat 135 pounds to do 405 pounds. No matter how badly they want to, they don’t have the skills or capacity.

But, these aren’t just intellectual objections. Studies from Precision Nutrition show that only 1 in 10 people can actually follow a meal plan for more than a few weeks.

In the end, meal plans have such limited utility that we don’t often use them. We do offer some meal plan templates to help people learn how to plan meals using macro nutrient goals. You can check those out here.