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At The OMNI FIT, we help real women (just like you) dream big and take meaningful action to transform more than their bodies – we help them change their lives! We combine a scientific approach to training and nutrition with a focus on healthy mindset to help you create a sustainable fitness plan for your life.

We believe fitness is more than just looking good and improving your health. Fitness is about the quality of your life – including your self-esteem and overall well-being. Your exercise program should be enjoyable and challenging. The food you eat should fuel your body and fit your life. We help you create a healthy lifestyle that is both satisfying and successful.

Are you dreaming of a healthy lifestyle? Are you working toward a future competition? It’s our mission to support you.

There’s a lot of conflicting fitness information out there, including misconceptions about what to eat, how to train, and how to prepare for a physique competition. But the truth is actually pretty simple. A healthy lifestyle is sustainable, realistic, and enjoyable. We help people just like you cut through the noise and create a practical plan that gets real results.

Tired of feeling tired, unhealthy, and frustrated? Break the cycle of restriction, deprivation, and self-condemnation. Connect with women just like you and share your journey to a healthy lifestyle that supports your goals. We’ll help you look and feel better than you thought possible.

Preparing for a physique competition or wondering what comes next? We step beyond the glitz and glam of dramatic external transformation to help you become stronger both physically and mentally – preparing you for competition and the healthy lifestyle that follows

We help you trust your body and achieve results.

Our approach gives you:

  • Confidence both inside the gym and out in the world,
  • Productivity and sustained energy throughout the day,
  • Freedom from the “diet mindset” that keeps you trapped in restrictions,
  • Understanding so you can interpret your body’s signals and respond appropriately,
  • Empowerment as you build the strong, healthy body of your dreams.

You’ve explored our mission, now meet our coaches.

Kala Duncan

Kala Duncan


I’ve learned a lot since I first stumbled into a personal training studio at age 15 to begin my career (and make some gas money in the process). Over the past decade or so I’ve worked 1:1 with women struggling to create a sustainable plan to reach their fitness goals. Some wanted to prepare for competition. Others simply wanted to be the best version of themselves possible – and move past the extra weight and fatigue that plagued them.

Through this work, I’ve uncovered a passion for helping women move from automatic reactions and unconscious choices to a life filled with intentional, deliberate decisions. My mission is guiding you to a life of total health – mind, body, and spirit – and help you achieve your goals. When I’m not working or in the gym, I’m spending time with my husband Mitchell and our two puppy-children – Isabella and Izumi. My life is busy, full of meaning, and intentional…and it doesn’t include rigid dieting or excessive exercise – just activities and food I love.

Let me show you how mindful, purposeful choices (combined with delicious food) can add strength, balance, and vibrancy to your whole self. Let me help you transform your life.

I began working with Kala in 2013 to achieve my dream of competition. Together we completed our first contest prep season as coach and athlete in 2015. I placed in the top 3 at state level and went on to win my class at NPC Teen Nationals.

While working with Kala, I found a passion for helping women break through the barriers that hold them back and gain confidence in the gym. I joined The OMNI FIT team as a coach, and through Kala’s mentorship I’ve helped many women like you reach their overall wellness and physique development goals. Fitness is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s going to take precious time to build a body worth being proud of – one that represents strength and honor to your family, loved ones and yourself. It takes time to learn your own body, it’s unique feedback, how to fuel it, how to train and build your physique, and – most importantly – how to love yourself in each season of change and consistency. The first priority here is loving yourself and being willing to accept yourself every step of the journey. Without this foundation, the information and habits I teach you about nutrition and training will fall short. Change involves consistency, lifestyle changing habits, hesitation and discomfort, and most of all…sacrifice. Patience is the key factor in any journey, and nothing worth having comes easily.

Let me guide you on your journey. Let’s do this thing…together!

Taylor Bloxham

Taylor Bloxham


Jodie Vee

Jodie Vee


I’ve always been athletic, but found myself physically and emotionally drained after a major life change and raising my two children. At age 44, I decided things had to change and I actively pursued a plan to get my life back. In 2011, I hired Kala to coach me online.

When I returned to fitness, I set out with a desire to grow stronger. But, the whole endeavor changed my entire life. I learned more than how to be fit – I learned how to live and I changed my body by changing my mind. Finally, I had a coach to give me the right tools and materials to build a fit body and a healthy lifestyle. I discovered a nutrition plan that fed my goals both in and out of the gym; a periodized training plan to break barriers and help me see beyond myself. I love my life because I now have freedom from body bondage. This wasn’t a quick fix and it wasn’t something I did alone – but I’ve created a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Since 2011, I’ve competed as a natural figure athlete, placing Top 3 in both Open and Masters categories with the SNBF and NANBF. But more importantly, I’ve found total health for my whole self by returning to a healthy mindset and lifestyle. Today, as a part of the OMNI FIT team, I guide women just like you on a journey to being your best self, inside and out. I have the tools you need to build your own healthy lifestyle, and a passion to help you change your mindset while you change your body.

Are you ready to ask questions, change your mindset, and find a life and body you love? Let’s take the journey together.

Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.

Helen Keller