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Healthy Lifestyle / Fitness

building strength physically & mentally

Strength is more than a number on the scale or a size on the rack. Strength is quiet confidence – giving your body exactly what it needs for vitality and optimal health. Imagine feeling sexy for your spouse, living as a confident role model for your children, and feeling comfortable in your own skin in every circumstance. This is real fitness – and it’s achievable for you! 


Previously, “diets” consumed me, but thanks to this program, I feel as though I’m able to live and breathe without any reservations!

Advanced Fitness / Physique Sports

creating your competitive advantage

Preparing for a fitness competition takes more than knowledge and dedication – it takes passion and persistence. Even the smallest changes in your prep routine can make a huge difference on show day. Imagine feeling stronger than ever before – physically and mentally – as you strut your stuff on stage. Let us help you create YOUR competitive advantage! 


It really is the attention to detail throughout the entire prep process that sets The OMNI FIT apart!

Working to achieve your own personal fitness goals?

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Jesus lover. Wife. Puppy mom. Owner of The OMNI FIT.

I’m passionate about helping women like you become stronger both physically and mentally – and find sustainable health without restrictive diets and crazy exercise plans.

Whether you’re a female athlete training for your next competition, or a busy mom trying to balance fitness and family, my team and I are ready to empower and encourage you – to help you live a healthy life you truly love.

 Let’s create your sustainable system of success together!  

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“It was not easy, and I struggled mentally some weeks more than others, but I kept working towards my goals, and I kept following the gradual nutritional changes and adjustments to workouts that my coach suggested, and I continued to gradually feel better!”


“I love all of the training programs. They push me to improve. I have finally found a system that works for me.”


“Not only did I learn so much about training and nutrition, but most importantly, my coach encouraged me to love myself, to focus within and work on more than just what to eat and how hard to train.”