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If you are considering a physique competition or are already in contest prep and want to perform your best on show day THIS IS FOR YOU !!

Abbi Lundborn

It really is Kala’s attention to detail throughout the entire prep process that sets her apart. From the small, but significant macro adjustments, to the incredibly effective tweaks during posing, I felt that absolutely no detail was overlooked in the effort to bring my very best to the stage.

 Taylor Bloxam

I thank Kala for how humble and patient I am growing to learn in this sport and lifestyle. The relationship I have towards training, balance, food, and all other factors have blossomed with her and I couldn't be more thankful.


Adrienne Capers

As a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, I already knew how to set goals. However, Kala helped me to achieve them. She held my hand every step of the way with nutrition, posing, and overall preparation for the competition.


Alyssa Famiano

Kala helped paved the way for me to become a physique athlete! I competed in my first bikini competition and completely transformed my physique and knowledge of nutrition. I turned to competition because it allowed for me to still be competitive in a sport while doing something I really love - working out and challenging my body.


Morgan Wear

Bikini Class open, placed 2nd out of 17!!

Steph Lee

I tried to develop my body into the physique I've always wanted, but it wasn't until signing up with Kala that I was truly able to achieve my full potential.



You’ve spent months (maybe even years) dreaming about stepping on stage. Let me help you prepare for your BIG DAY so you can feel proud and confident of the package you bring on show day!

  • Get support throughout your journey via our private Facebook community
  • Be confident that you are doing what is right for YOUR body, no second guessing!!
  • Receive consistent communication from your coach via email, video and text on show day (If we can’t be there with you)
  • Relax and enjoy the journey, you should be having fun!!


Just like our 1:1 Coaching programs all prep programs have the option for both training and nutrition  or just nutrition coaching (cardio is always included). Contest prep will always be tailored to the individual. Everyone is different and no two preps are the same, we recognize this and really work with the athlete to bring their best package to the stage, taking all variables into consideration.

Communication during a contest is crucial to ensure that we are bringing you in at your best. This is also to be sure that we can make timely adjustments. During a contest prep we ask that you are able to check-in with your coach least twice a week, but frequency will increase the closer you get to contest. We want to be able to have timely responses and clear pictures/videos during the coming weeks of your contest.


  • Customized Nutrition Macro Programming – to meet your needs meeting all micro and macronutrient goals while offering you flexibility and control of your nutrition sources.
  • Weekly/Daily weight check-ins – and adjustments. (This will vary depending on the amount of time you are out from your completion)
  • Complete training programs – leading you up to and through peak week of your competition, focusing on maintaining strength and fullness throughout prep.
  • Cardio recommendations – cardio is properly programmed into your training program, not the other way around. I believe in getting you in shape with the least amount of cardio possible, but I will do what it takes with respect to your overall health.
  • 1 Online Posing session (click the Posing Tab above for more information)– to insure that your presentation is ready come show day.
  • Unlimited phone/text access – during peak week and the day of your show.
  • Travel Option – when I’m available to travel to your show. Ask more for details.

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How It Works:

Starting Prep:

  • First you need to apply for contest prep with The OMNI FIT. That will help us better understand your goals and where you are at this point. Apply today.
  • Once you’ve applied for contest prep we will need to review your current conditioning and nutritional intake before committing to a contest prep within a 30 week period. It is crucial that you are in good place to begin prep or we might recommend starting with our 1:1 Coaching Program to get you where you need to be.
  • If we agree to prep you, we will send you payment info and the liability form to complete.
  • Once we receive your initial payment and your liability form signed we will begin to create your custom programming. This takes about 3-5 business days depending on our current schedule & how far out you are from your show. If you are less than 12 weeks out we can make some exceptions to the timeline.
  • Once your program is delivered to you the coaching will begin.
  • Everything about this process is progressive. You will have scheduled check-in appointments where you will deliver specific info about yourself (all forms will be provided to you).
  • These programs require your active participation. You will definitely get what you put into it.

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Who Is This For?

  • Someone interested in doing a physique competition and is within 30 weeks of contest shape.
  • We must approve your current conditioning and current programming before accepting you into this program.

Who Is This NOT For?

  • Someone who has physique goals, but is not within at least 30 weeks of contest shape. They would better be suited for our 1:1 Coaching Program.

Spaces are limited!

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In Person


  •  Each session will be between 45-60 min depending on the competitor.
  • We will go over mandatory poses, quarter turns and overall stage presentation.
  • Please wear a posing suit, two-piece swimsuit or a sports bra and compression shorts.
  • No loose clothing or pants will be permitted.
  • I also recommended wearing 5” heeled shoes, preferably posing shoes.
  • Choose how many sessions:

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Online Posing

FaceTime (for Mac)/Google hangout (for Gmail):

    • Each session will be between 45-60 min depending on the competitor.
    • We will go over mandatory poses, quarter turns and overall stage presentation.
    • Please wear a posing suit, two-piece swimsuit or a sports bra and compression shorts.
    • No loose clothing or pants will be permitted.
    • I also recommended wearing 5” heeled shoes, preferably posing shoes.
    • Please have a good Internet connection and be able to stand head to toe in a well-lit room.

**Disclaimer: Posing is completely separate from competition prep coaching. Posing does NOT include dietary or training advice in reference to your upcoming competition.  Nor does it include advice on tan, makeup, etc. Some suit selection advice will be included. Please let me know which organization & category you are planning to compete in prior to our session.

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How It Works:

Purchase Your Posing Package:

  • Once you decide which program suits you best you will choose the CONTACT US button to schedule an appointment with a posing coach.
  • Once we receive this inquiry we will contact you within 24-48 hrs (if you inquire on a business day).
  • We will set up an appointment as soon as 3 days and as late as 14 days from the day we reply to your inquiry.

Who is this for?

  • Someone who is preparing for a physique competition or who wants to compete one day. It’s never too early to practice stage presentation!!

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Who is this NOT for?

  • Someone who doesn’t desire to compete in a physique competition.