Women’s Health Stories…

Do these sound familiar?

Below are the actual stories from real clients, describing why they sought out help to reach their goals.

It might come as a surprise, but as it turns out, everyone struggles with food. Everyone thinks they’re crazy. And everyone thinks they’re the only one. No, it’s not just you, haha.

It’s not common to find your own story reflected in the fitness media; where it’s all about quick fixes, cleanses and specific diets eliminating food groups and encouraging 7 days fasts.

At The OMNI FIT, we approach things a bit differently.

Instead of just providing blanket goals for everyone, we actually talk with our clients. We interview them & ask questions about their goals, listen to their stories. We want to know who they are and what they REALLY want.

In these interviews, one question always leads the way:

“What brought you to The OMNI FIT?”

We hear many different (sometimes surprising) answers. Today, I’ll share some of them with you…

So many of our clients think they’re the only ones who feel these things. They wonder whether they’re crazy to have these thoughts.

Why can’t I manage this, when everyone else seems to do it just fine?

But the people we assume are perfect: they’ve got their own struggles.

We are sharing them because we want you to know you’re not the only one. We are sharing them because there’s something inviting about being open, honest, and finally asking for the help you need.


What brought you to The OMNI FIT?

I feel powerless.

I want to take charge of my life. But something is in my way.

I can’t seem to meet a companion / find a good job / figure out how to include fitness as part of my everyday life.

Other people seem to manage this. How?

The time slips away from me. Where does it go?

I’m good for a while, but…

I’m so good for weeks, sometimes months! But, It makes me feel deprived.

How do people do it if you have to give everything up?

I don’t want to diet for the rest of my life. So eventually, I rebel.

And then I feel bad….really bad.

It’s never a good time.

School. Work. Kids. My wedding. Travel.

Life’s so full and busy and there’s always something in my way.

I keep waiting for the perfect time to get in shape, but the perfect time never comes.

And I’m beginning to wonder if it ever will.

It’s complicated.

I have so many food allergies or intolerances. It’s so difficult to eat nutritiously and lose weight.

I suffer from some chronic medical issues. I am afraid that no program would be able to help me deal with those.

Fitness programs are for people who are healthy, not people like me.

I’m busy and I don’t have time.

What with the kids / demanding career / my volunteer work / my dog, plus the housework / gardening / commuting…

…not to mention the hobbies, and the conferences, and the social life.

I don’t have time for anything else.

I’d like to find a way to regain my health and fitness. But there are only 24 hours in a day!

I’ve tried everything.

Some stuff worked. Some didn’t.

It didn’t seem to matter. Because it didn’t work for long. I couldn’t sustain it.

Here I am, still the same as before. Maybe even worse.

I’m a walking pharmacy.

I want to get off all these medications. I want to know what it feels like to face the day without them. I’m not even sure they’re helping me any more.

Is that a drug reaction, or is that just normal for someone with my health condition?

Somewhere along the way… I woke up fat.

I wasn’t fat growing up. I was fit. But something happened to me.

I don’t know when or where it happened. I’m not even completely sure what it was. But the weight crept up on me.

It makes me so unhappy to see where I am now.

I know it, but I can’t do it.

I’m smart. I’m educated.

I know how to eat healthy and/or exercise, but I can’t seem to stick with it.

I’ll get started, and do really well for a couple of weeks, and then it all falls apart.

Am I the only person this happens to? What’s wrong with me?

Now that I’m older…

Nobody told me that aging would be so hard!

Peri-menopause. Menopause. Hormones. Arthritis. Gravity.

What happened to my boobs? What happened to my butt? What happened to my energy?

And what’s next? Is it really all downhill from here?

I don’t want to feel like this for the rest of my life.

It’s complicated (Version 2).

I live with three roommates / my family / my crazy parents / my kids…

I’m not sure how to cope with all of that and focus on fitness, too.

My fridge and my pantry are filled with foods I can’t eat.

I’ve never liked my body.

I hate my legs / boobs / butt / belly / love handles.

I wish I didn’t have this thick frame. If I we’re just taller…

I don’t like being pear-shaped. Other people have perfect bodies.

Why can’t I look like those people?

I’ll never love my body.

I don’t feel sexy.

I don’t want to have sex.

I don’t feel comfortable in my skin.

I ask my husband to turn out the lights.

Had a baby, and…

My body went south. I just couldn’t get my weight back to where it was before.

With the late night feedings and the sleep deprivation, I’m a mess.

I hate those “after” photos of celebrity moms. I don’t have time to workout all day!

Don’t be fooled

These stories are from women who have gone on to achieve their goals and even prove themselves wrong!

They became leaner, more fit, healthier and happier after putting into practice what we teach in OMNI FIT 365. But, it all started with them reaching out for help!

  • We listen to your goals and hear what YOU want to accomplish
  • We learn about your current lifestyle
  • We work together to create an approach that is personal and unique to you based on your goals
  • We coach you through the process; helping you with the speedbumps that will surely be along the road to success.

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