This video is a bit of a rant. Too often I find myself badgering clients for their updates…. WHY?!?!?!? (screaming) 

YOUR progress she be most important to YOU! If you don’t want to go do cardio when your plan says to, don’t. If you don’t want to take the time to plan your menu, then don’t. But, why did you hire me?! Paul Revelia said it best when he said “I like to provide information to motivated people, I don’t want to play parent.” 

I have been a bad coach by emailing clients several times for an update. I have enabled too many clients to “not use their brains” when it comes to understanding their nutrition. No more! No more handicapping. It’s time that you, as the client, take personal responsibility for YOUR goals! I will be here to encourage you and direct you, but only you can actually do the work!

After watching the video please also check out:

Matt Jansen’s INOV8 Elite Performance YouTube: (My coach, that I mention, is Austin Stout)

Paul Revelia made a very similar video that touched on some things I left out like a great description of the program itself. 

My programs are set up just as he describes. You receive the tools, but along with that you are responsible for using them!


-Coach K