Would you drive a car if the computer were malfunctioning? Better yet, would you think that car would drive or perform tasks well? Would the radio work properly, would the brakes go out?! I like to compare our brains to the computer system in a car. If the computer is not running 100% efficiently, all else will fail and we will be left clueless as to why (I call this an unchecked mindset).

Much of the time when something goes wrong in our car, the GPS isn’t working, the engine light goes off, we hear a not-so-great sound, we tend to look for surface solutions. We figure the GPS isn’t picking up on the satellite signal, our engine needs a tune-up, and our brakes need some oil.

But what if you go get all of that work done and your car STILL isn’t running properly?!

AKA your master control system (computer) isn’t working properly. However most people fail to figure out in the first few attempts that this is the problem with the vehicle. This is incredibly similar to what we do in life.

I’m overweight – must eat less and workout more

I’m stressed – must go for a run or watch mind-numbing television

I’m always tired – need to drink more coffee


THESE ARE ALL SURFACE SOLUTIONS! What we really need to be looking at is…

I’m overweight – what habits in my life revolve around food? What are my thoughts and beliefs around food?

I’m stressed – what is it in my life that causes stress? Is it my thoughts being different from my actions? How can I change my thinking to be less stress-oriented?

I’m always tired – Do I have poor sleeping habits? Is it what I do during the day that causes me to be tired or my restless sleep?

You get the picture. Hence this article! I have found for myself and most others I know who would consider themselves ‘successful’ in mastering their health and wellness; books are the doorway to this self-awareness.


So I have picked five books that I believe would have the most impact on mindset (easy call-to-action) if read today. This was difficult for me to choose from, so to be honest I just picked up 5 from my stack of favorites that fit this description and decided to go with them!


  1. Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life – Byron Katie

WOW this book was one that I have realized completely changed my thinking patterns and mindset. After getting through about half the book and exercises, I found myself analyzing situations differently and feeling no bother when someone’s reaction to my behavior was negative. This book teaches you to not take things personally, and gives you the insight and proof as to why.

  1. Man’s Search For Meaning – Viktor Frankl

Not only is this book a one of a kind for revealing the incredible dehumanization and brutality that went on in the concentration camps, but it is truly a story of those who survived and are what I would consider ‘mental warriors’ This book connects the meaning of life to finding meaning behind any sort of suffering you experience. And I am sure for most, our suffering pales in comparison to what is described here.

  1. Big Magic – Creative Living Beyond FearElizabeth Gilbert

This book was one that inspired me to take action IMMEDIATELY. In fact, I’m not sure I would be writing this article had I not picked it up. This book helped me connect back to what I loved as a child, before anyone told me not to love it – writing. It gave me the courage to share my insight with the world and help change others’ lives through my stories.

  1. Think And Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

Yep – I’m sure you’ve seen this on a multitude of reading lists. That being said, stop being stubborn and crack this baby open! It’s much more insightful than the title lets on. In fact, I viewed money and wealth very differently before reading this book, which is most likely why I wasn’t inclined to read it! Kind of insane that now I would gladly read a book with this title. Incredibly applicable and definitely a good ‘life guide’

  1. Awaken the Giant Within: How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Financial Destiny!Tony Robbins

Okay a lot of people find Tony to be a bit too over the top for them, but guys his stuff works. The problem is that MOST PEOPLE do NOT actually do the exercises listed in the book. This book took me a good 5 months to read (while reading others as well) because I took the time to go through and commit to doing all the exercises! It was INCREDIBLY applicable and was a huge turning point in my life in leading me to a better, happier, and healthier self.