It’s that time of year again. Even though it comes every year it’s like it sneaks up on me every time! Haha 

How do you manage the “balance” & “moderation” this time of year? 

Option 1: Don’t

Don’t attend parties. Don’t partake in the food at events. In fact, just pretend it’s not a holiday and keep doing what you always do. 

NO!! I’m kidding! If you dare choose option 1 we need to chat. Contact me here. 🙂 

Seriously though. “I have goals” “I don’t want to spiral out of control” “I can’t just have 1 cookie”…. I’ve heard it all. In fact, I’ve even been the one to say it!! But, there’s hope. 

Option 2: Lifestyle Moderation 

There are holidays all throughout the year. What makes Christmas, Thanksgiving & the New Year so different? Is it BC they’re closer together than the Memorial Day and the 4th of July? (They’re only 5 wks apart by the way)

Think about it, there’s 4 weeks between all 3 fall/winter Holidays. When you add in birthdays, anniversaries, weddings & summer vacations isn’t there something going on “out of the ordinary” almost every other week through the year? 

How do you maintain your goals during those times? Ahhhh….you have options! You don’t need me to tell you what to do. 🙂 

Apply what you know. Some important “non-negotiables” to me are Mitchells birthday (1/6), our anniversary (5/17) & usually my birthday (9/29). Non-negotiable just means that my diet usually isn’t going to regulate my choices on that day. It doesn’t mean that my goals are flushed down the toilet, but I’m not going to be cooking or going out to dinner for Mitchells birthday ‘counting my macros’. You see what I’m sayin? 

A typical day like that would look something like this for me: 

Meal 1-Meal 3 basically the same as usual (unless I cook something special & in that case I am mindful of my macro intake & portions) 

Depending on what is going on that day I might bring a meal with protein & veggies or a shake to have as Meal 4. Doing this helps prevent “HANGRY” from occurring in which case only Planet Earth can curb my raging appetite. 🙂 

Then, by the time dinner comes around I’m not ravenous, I would typically pick something in moderation (I like to order meals I can’t/don’t cook at home) & we share dessert. 

Key points: 

  • Be Prepared 
  • Be Intentional & mindful 
  • Don’t let yourself get too hungry through the day 
  • Enjoy the time with those you love more than the food you are eating 

Apply those same principals to the holidays…all holidays. 

This year I was in contest prep on my 30th birthday (9/29).  Mentally, it was really tough preparing to diet that whole day. It was even difficult to think of things I wanted to do that didn’t involve food! But, it was great. I didn’t end up having the opportunity to have a burger & some dessert, but having the pressure off of the food was enlightening. I realized how much I tend to base events around food. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great thing, but not when it’s in the wrong priority! 

Rather than stressing about food that day I enjoyed a nice breakfast, packed up my meals & we went for a drive. (New England is GORGEOUS especially in the Fall). We planned to get pedicures, go shopping & just spend time together. The day turned out great & it was a great reminder of how to approach many events that involve food. 

As we embark on a new year & we wrap up 2015 don’t go out this year wishing you made different choices & vowing to make them next year. Just start now. Have your planned food prepared for your busy days, portion out cooked meats & freeze them for grab & go options. Just be mindful on your choices this season.