While I was in Pittsburgh with Taylor this year for Teen Nationals we took some time to go check out the infamous “strip”. I love getting souvenirs and do-dads, but honestly didn’t have a lot of room in my bag to bring anything back. I had just started prep and needed room for my mini skillet, electric eye, spices, dry food, etc. haha. But, while walking past all the yummy chocolate shops and fun places to eat there was the table of salt samples from Steel City Salt. You might be thinking “salt? What’s so special about salt?” Well, I thought the same thing so I HAD to stop and try these samples. (It was the only thing I could sample any ways, hahaha)
I’m so glad that I did! These little decadent crystals of salt exploded with flavor in my mouth! Since salt is a staple in all of my meals I knew I’d get good use out of these unique goodies..plus, I LOVE supporting small businesses. So, I took home 2 flavors: espresso sea salt and black truffle sea salt (which has little pieces of black truffle by the way!!).

Well, what great additions they’ve been to my kitchen. I wanted to share below a few ways that I’ve used the various flavors. I’ve since purchased most of them and you can too using my code: KALADUNCAN15 for 15% when you order online here at Steel City Salt’s website.

The easiest way in the world to make loads of chicken breast is in the crock pot. I love using the smokey sea salts for these:
Alderwood on chicken

Here are a few more ways that I use the various salt blends: