We’ve all been there…

You’re doing great with your eating and then the weekend hits, you tell yourself you’ll have a ‘treat’ and that 1/2 cup of ice cream you intended to enjoy turns out to be the whole tub before you know it.

“I messed up this weekend but I’m going to workout double day’s this week to make up for it so it’s okay.”

Unfortunately I’ve heard this time and time again.  A client has a ‘slip-up’ which then leads them to think they need to do more exercise than normal in order to account for the calories consumed.  However, this method just reinforces exercise as a form of punishment.  Exercise is a tool to help empower you as a person, not degrade and spite you for being human.

I would also like to note that those clients whom disregard this advice and continue to engage in these behaviors, stay there.  Months go by and much of the time they are still on the hamster wheel of over-eating and over exercising to make up for it, I can’t imagine that’s a happy place to be.

So here’s my advice to you, LET IT GO AND MOVE ON.

The only reason an ‘overeating’ episode makes you feel badly is because you are choosing to let it.  If you want to feel worse about a past situation, dwell on the thought of it.  If you’d like to be happy (as I assume you do) focus on the present and do something positive.  Workout (if it’s not a form of punishment), go for a walk, read a good book, show yourself some love.  You know from an outsider’s point of view that being mean to a friend who is down doesn’t help them at all, so why would you do the same to yourself? (see Self-Talk for more on this).

If you find that this a struggle for you we will be focusing on many of these topics in our next Group Coaching Program called The Transformation Blueprint that opens for enrollment on April 15th. You can check it out here!