Originally posted 6/28/13, but updated 2/10/16…

So often when I meet people they ask what I do for work during casual conversation. I sum it up by labeling myself as an “online strength and nutrition coach”. Of course, I believe I am much more than that, but basically, my job description is the same as when I worked at a gym. I still do a similar job in terms of what I deliver, but now, I do it 100% online.

What is an online strength and nutrition coach? Based on my research each online coach is different. So, I’m going to list what my programs entail and what is encompassed in being an OMNI FIT tribe member. This is written as a description, but also as a note to current or future clients.


This will vary depending which program you purchase. Below I detail specifically the monthly coaching or contest prep programs….

  • You will check in with me on a specific date that I give you. This will involve you sending me documents that I provide to you and filling out a detailed review of your last 1-2 weeks.
  • You also send pictures and measurements every 2-4 weeks via a private FB album or an album on dropbox.com or something like it.


Nutrition: You will receive a detailed description of goals, supplement suggestions and customized nutrition recommendations based on your specific goals.

Training: If you purchase workout programming then, you receive the workout program guidelines, along with a detailed workout including rep ranges, recommended sets, tempos and rest times.

Cardio: Every program includes custom cardio programming based on specific goals

Exercise demos: You will have access to a growing exercise library on our YouTube channel: TheOMNIFIT2016 where you can view examples of your programmed exercises. Videos are uploaded frequently.

  • Personal videos are also exchanged between you and me, demonstrating exercises or correcting form.


  • Frequent texts and emails are exchanged between you and me. I use many platforms to make virtual training a personal experience. Thanks to digital media videos, voice memos, texts and email are all used to ensure constant communication.
  • Coaching is so much more than offering a training/nutrition program. Each client receives a piece of me when they receive a program. My goal is not only to coach you in the gym, but in life. Fitness isn’t always easy to ‘fit into’ your regular schedule. I help each client organize their agenda and their meals to reflect lifestyle changes, not diets! The more you give effort and detail toward the program, the more successful you become and the more likely you are to reach your goals.
  • TeamKDunc has a member’s only private FB group where other members of the team share struggles and encouragement. We post recipes and different ideas that make this journey more enjoyable.


This is for any athlete or friend of The OMNI FIT.

I understand that supplements can become expensive. I don’t want you wasting your hard earned money on products that are poorly made. I have connected with several colleagues & business to provide you a discount for various products. I only promote things that I know can help you or I have used myself. Sometimes I receive an affiliate commission and other times I don’t. Either way, the success of the site and of my personal business starts and ends with my reputation. It would make zero sense, whatsoever, to recommend crappy products to you. I will never jeopardize my reputation for any type of commission.

Each program requires commitment from YOU.  I like to say that, “You will get what you put in”. The more detailed your bi-weeklies are the better I can understand, evaluate and modify your program. If you send me one word answers in the feedback columns, imagine how much detail I understand about your progress…..NOT MUCH! You can take the program that I create and do it, but never receive updates….that’s up to you. I guarantee you will achieve better results by checking in on time and being thorough in your feedback to me.

Online Coaching should be everything in person coach is, but virtual. This virtual process allows for time zone differences, schedule differences and short notice schedule changes to not interfere with your goals and commitments to your program. You no longer have to worry about missing your personal training appointment at the gym and losing $65+. You execute your program on your own time. Not to mention you get quadruple the amount of coaching for less than half of the price. =)


If you’re interested in coaching or have questions, contact me here.

-Coach K