Everyone’s journey is different and the definition of ‘healthy’ is defined so many ways. The picture on the left is from November 2014… I spent that year trying to lose the weight I had gained while pregnant with my precious son. I went pretty strictly ‘paleo’ and ‘clean eating’ and ran my butt off (literally).

Yeah, I lost my baby weight quickly, plus more, then more… and it became an addiction to the scale, an awful relationship with food, and I just flat-out wasn’t ‘fun’. I knew deep down things had to change, I had to change, so I could live life. In 2015, I was determined to ‘get healthy’ for ME. For God. For my family. A piece to getting there was I needed help. In comes Kala – she Kala became more than a coach, she became a friend, I call her my life coach!

She takes you where you are at and helps to bring you to where you want to be. The picture on the right is one year later – 11 pounds up on the scale (with a good healthy mix of body fat, lean muscle, and a bigger smile and light in my eyes) – and I feel ME again. It took a lot of support, a lot of prayers, a lot of tough love – and I did it.