On the C&J bus riding to the airport…
12:04pm & our flight departs at 2:30pm. We have a short layover in Philly before arriving in Lexington at 7:39pm.
23 weeks… That’s how long I’ve been preparing for this week. It’s funny how it feels, actually. I’m excited, abut nervous, only a tad anxious & overall at peace. EVERY SINGLE TRIP we’ve ever taken we’ve barely slept because no matter how much I prepare I’m up way too late packing/cooking or just something!! This trip already started different.

It’s been a CRAZY week, to say the least. I competed for the first time in 6 years 2 weeks ago & had a bunch of friends come up to support & celebrate the huge accomplishment. (Check out the recap from that weekend here). The nature of my work isn’t like some jobs…while there is lots of flexibility, there are no days off. Can’t just dock a vacation day. I have to move that work to surrounding days. So, needless to say, work has been busy. Thankfully, I sincerely love it! My athletes motivate me more than they know.
I was able to wrap up work late Monday evening & take Tuesday (The US Marine Corps 240th birthday) to work a Hero WOD event supporting a fallen soldier at the local gym I’m working at part-time. That was a BLAST!! So much energy & support for our military.
Then, I had time to pack & get everything ready for today’s departure. We decided to take an afternoon flight (we always take early AM flights) and I’m so glad we did!!
I did some cardio this AM & some arm training before heading out. Already have over a gallon of water down the hatch & all my meals in tote. Overall, it’s been a really productive morning & a relaxing ride to the airport…which was the plan!

Preparing for a competition this year has been very different than in years past. My effort to training & my nutrition has been in place for many years, but in order to bring my absolute best physique to the stage I knew I needed to prioritize it unlike in other times. You see, something that many don’t realize is how high on the priority list “overall health” & “physique development” is on many successful competitors totem poles. It’s not that it takes precedent over family, faith or work, but it’s right up there with them! Let me explain by using a few examples….
– I eat a balanced breakfast utilizing macro nutrient goals every single morning. Very rarely (in the last 6-7 years) have I just woken up and poured a bowl of cereal without considering also adding a protein shake or some protein source to that meal.
– I go to the gym, follow some sort of training program 3-5 days a week every single week. The only times I’ve not been in the gym have been if I’m sick or if I’m away where my schedule doesn’t allow me to go. I’m personally not the type to do just any exercise like in my hotel room or something, lol. It’s not that it’s THAT important to me, it’s that I genuinely enjoy lifting weights. I hate how my body feels when I don’t weight train for more than 3-4 days. Not to mention, I’m driven by results. So, I want to see strength progressions not just feel sore or beat myself up…in fact, I’m rarely sore & that’s been one of the best adaptations this last year BC I’ve been able to train harder & more often. (Post for a different day 😏)
– I always have food with me. No matter the season, I’m prepared to fuel my body. I actually have a really hard time understanding when people don’t do this.
– I’m always conscious of the food I’m eating out. I love Mexican & burgers as much (or more) than the average person, but I am more satisfied recreating healthier versions of “bad food” without the risk of it negatively impacting my health/physique. There’s no way I’ll be eating out several times a week tripling my needed kcals. That just doesn’t logically make sense to me when I can cook delicious food at home…and save money doing it!! Lol
– Sleep: I highly prioritize sleep. Not only am I worse than a tired baby without good sleep, but I find everything begins to suffer. My workouts suck, my mood sucks, I’m argumentative, etc.
– Water: This is one too many people miss. It’s so easy to become dehydrated. It’s definitely something I have to put for extra effort to do as well. I text my friends for accountability when it’s neeeed & I set alarms to remind myself to drink 16-20oz of water at a time to pace myself throughout the day. I’ve found that once I’m dehydrated it can take several days of pushing fluids to feel better. My joints hurt, I get headaches, digestion is off, my muscles are sore & I usually don’t sleep very well. So, this has become one of my staples to daily life & it’s my goal to keep it up even after prep.

I could keep going, but those are the main contributors to my regular efforts in staying healthy & working towards bettering my physique. These are things that never waiver & probably don’t for many others who prioritize their health & have physique goals. If you find yourself struggling to make progress or improve I would suggest making a list of “non-negotiables”. What are some things you will prioritize in order to support your end goal?

This post sort of went a different direction than I planned, but I love when that happens. Let me know what actions you might be changing up. We can all learn & grow from each other!!

Almost to the airport now. My goal is to make some videos to share this little trip with you over the next few days!! Stay tuned 🙂