My version of a scramble is basically everything you’d put into an omelet except you just scramble it. LOL It’s easier, that’s all. You can put pretty much anything in it! I find it to be my go to meal if I’m behind on my cooking because I always have eggs, egg white and some sort of veggies whether it be spinach or some left over onion and tomato from anther night’s concoction. Today,  I replaced my usual post workout meal with this because I was craving breakfast (this happens often). =) 

My Ingredients:

  • 2 whole eggs
  • 1/4c liquid egg whites
  • 21g almond cheese cheddar flavored (pictured below)
  • 34g turkey sausage (pre-cooked Jimmy Dean….Picture below)
  • Quick 5min grits (I’m a southern girl at heart)
  • 91g Apple
  • 140g strawberries
  • diced up part of a tomato and onion
Here is the nutrition label for the Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage:

All of that measures to be Protein:33 Fat:14 Carb:59 calorie:492

Now, obviously that’s a larger meal that most people would consume, but you can adjust your measurements to meet your nutritional needs. This is my post workout meal #2 (meaning the 2nd meal I eat after I weight train. The first meal I eat is a whey protein shake paired with my choice of “fun” carb source…today, it was 2 pkts of Ocean Spray fruit snacks)

I topped my scramble with salasa and added seasoned salt and garlic pepper while it was cooking. I added butter sprinkles to my grits and salt & pepper for flavor. 

The finished product…..

If you have any questions or would like me to help you fit this meal into your current meal plan, please let me know! Enjoy!!