Well, it’s not about 2.5 weeks past the beloved contest date! What a whirlwind it’s been. From traveling to having Thanksgiving I feel like life just hasn’t stopped. I’ve definitely enjoyed myself and my time. I gave myself 3 days post show to just eat and be merry. Then, we traveled back home from KY and I sort of got back to business. I’d say the hardest part has been the mental aspect of “allowing” myself mornings to sleep in or not weighing and measuring every morsel. Some days I’ve eaten too much and others I’ve stuck to my plan. Overall, I’m in a good place. Recognizing what I personally like or enjoy about myself has been important. Positive self-talk and talking out loud has helped a lot. It’s like my mind never shuts off! So, it’s been healthy to get all those thoughts out of there and into a constructive discussion, haha.
I made a little recap video wrapping up the season and talking a little bit about my plans for the future. I’m not positive on plans so I’ll keep you updated!! Right now, I’m just enjoying getting back to a schedule that feel manageable and reorganizing my priorities…I’d say that’s my biggest “stressor” when it comes to prep. Prep has to be the top priority and while my faith, my marriage and other important things are still high up, they all seem to take a back seat to prep at some point or another. So, it’s been an adjustment sacrificing my gym time or meal prep time to participate in social events with friends or do things last minute to be there for a friend…when in prep, nothing is really last minute. Everything is planned and organized and there aren’t many exceptions nor do many in my close circle expect exceptions…they’re VERY supportive of my goals. So, now is the time to give back to them, spend time with them…including enjoying their cooking and celebrations. =)

Check out this album on my Facebook to see the play-by-play from the KY trip!