Vlog #3….3 weeks out, people!!
I had all intentions to update more often, but I found myself getting discouraged because I was trying to give everyone an insight to my daily activities…yet, forget to record a few things, start over the day, get behind editing videos…etc, etc. So, here were are 3 weeks out and here’s my update =)

I did start using Snapchat more often to help stay connected on a day to day basis. It’s been fun! You can find me there at “Kala Duncan”. It’s so much easier and more fun to give you guys 10s clips of my life. I was talking to a friend/athlete the other day about this concept of vlogging. It’s funny, I feel like my life is so boring. I honestly, don’t do much: wake up, do cardio, make my food for the day (usually it’s pre-worked so I’m just measuring things out), go to the gym, work, maybe the chiro, maybe a grocery stop, usually more cardio and go to bed! haha. But, I forget that there are so many people who can relate the monotony of life, right?

In this clip, I’m driving home from a shift I work at a local gym and I’m telling you about how my last few weeks of prep are going. I’m so excited to finish this drill strong and achieve what I’ve set out to achieve….a WNBF pro card in figure!

Here’s to 3 more weeks of the daily grind…