Vlog #2 just catching you guys up on things being 6 weeks out!!

Refeed meals, cardio and some random updates.
I didn’t capture my refeed meal on video (because I ate too fast, lol)…kidding! I just wanted to be present with Mitchell during our dinner date, but my burger was delish. I did take a pic of when it came out because it was so pretty =). We went to this great little speciality burger joint in Portsmouth, NH called the BRGR BAR. They have such interesting burger combos and I LOVE their ricotta stuffed sweet potato tots!! I got a mexican themed “burger” and Mitchell got a more original bison burger with applewood bacon and avocado. What’s funny is that when they came out I took a bite of his and he took a bit of mine and we ended up cutting them in half and each eating the other’s burger….we even liked what the other one ordered better. Which is so typical of us! haha.

Enjoy following along on this crazy journey of mine!