-62g brown rice elbow macaroni
-30g fat free sour cream
-20g low fat blue cheese crumbles
-20g pepper jack cheese
-28g low fat 3 cheese blend
– Frank’s buffalo sauce till taste
-3g panko bread crumbs
Macros: 16F/57C/24P

-Cook elbow macaroni
once cooked, mix in:
– sour cream
– blue cheese crumbles
– cubed pepper jack
– buffalo sauce
If the cheese needs to be creamier then microwave for a 30-60 seconds.
– sprinkle Panko crumbs & stir

Super easy to customize for your tastes or macros as well. I’ve made some batches with some fat free cream cheese or a dash of almond milk to make it creamier. I’ve also switched up the kinds of cheese used to change the flavor. I love a little goat cheese mixed in =)
Serve with meat on the side and veggies or mix in some shredded chicken.

Buffalo Mac