Beef Filet Roast & taters

Who doesn’t LOVE are hardy southern meal?
I found this awesome beef fillet mignon roast at Trader Joe’s and they come pre-seasoned. This meal took a bit longer to cook, but bc there’s not many ingredients it wasn’t annoying like some large meals take.
My most favorite way to cook steak is a reverse sear. You cook the meat in the oven first then, sear it on the stovetop before letting it sit before serving. It allows the whole inside to be the same level on doneness rather than having layers of varying doneness throughout.

– 1 package of Beef Filet Mignon (pre-marinated)
– Large package of fresh collard greens or Southern Greens mixture from TJ’s
– Russet Potatoes (I prepared enough for a few days. You could use any kind of potatoes)
– Bacon fat (the best part!!)
– Salt
– Pepper
– Roasted Red Pepper flakes
– Onion powder

– Pre-heat oven to 350-375 degrees
– Heat & spray 2 large skillets, one for the greens & one for the potatoes.
– Cook the filet in the oven for 25-30min (depending on size).
– Peel/Chop potatoes into cubes & fill up one large skillet. Cover the potatoes with about 1/4c water and cover to allow them time to cook on medium heat, stir regularly.
– Wash the greens and fill up the other pan with greens, season and cover to simmer.

– Heat a 3rd skillet (preferrable a cast iron) on medium/high heat for the steak when it has about 2min left in the oven. As soon as it’s out of the oven, transfer it to the skillet to sear for 1-2min each side.
– Set the finished steak aside to sit. Don’t cut into it till you’re ready to serve it.

– The potatoes will likely take the longest so judge your time based on those. You should be able to easily stick a fork in them when they’re done.
– Season them with salt, pepper and red pepper flakes as desired.

Once the veggies and potatoes are finished cooking you can plate your food. I add the bacon fat to my greens after bc I measure it, but if you’re not measuring it you can add it to the whole pan of greens and stir.

Plate all your food and enjoy!!