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The mental side of progress…

As many of you will come to know I LOVE to read blogs… I don’t some much love to write them. So, what I’ve decided to do is share some of the many AWESOME things I have read. Why repeat something that someone else has already written? =)

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Self-myofascial Release

What is that? Who should do it? I am a believer in not repeating what someone before me has already said correctly. So, I’ve copied a blog post by Eric Cressey that describes in detail self-myofascial release. In short, its abbreviated SMR and everyone should do it! I do it almost every day. You don’t have to use a foam roller like the one he mentions at the end of the blog. Some areas, like the upper back and around the shoulder blade, work great with a tennis ball. Just like stretching, it has to be done regularly to achieve the best result, but I absolutely feel immediate relief in my knees after rolling my IT Band! (That’s my baby girl Izumi on my lap while I’m trying to foam roll in our living room haha). Let see what Eric has to say…

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Yummy On Plan Meals

Ya know, I love food! LOL I also love being in shape and feeling good in a bikini. So what does a food lover do to balance these two? Well, I just create yummy meals that fit into my plan. This way I still achieve the results from my programming, but my taste buds are happy =). Here a just a few that I have been eating lately: Chicken/Walnut/feta salad, Blueberry pancakes & scrambled eggs with fried bologna. Let me preface by saying I am a southern girl at heart. No, some of the items are not the best for “healthy”, but they are fine to eat when I’m craving some southern cookin’. Enjoy!

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