15min scallop stir fry

Scallops are one of my favorite things to cook and I must say, I make the best scallops!! =)

The key to great scallops is NOT OVER COOKING!!! Ugh, that’s the worst.
There are either bay scallops or sea scallops. The bay scallops are small (cheaper), but I always get the big sea scallops. I buy them frozen (usually from Trader Joe’s). My favorite way to cook them is in a skillet. Here’s what you’ll need for this quick recipe that I through together in 15 min one night (assuming you have rice already prepared):

– Scallops
– White/Brown rice
– Frozen Asian stir fry
– Soy Sauce
– Teriyaki Sauce
– Salt
– Pepper
– Minced Garlic

– Defrost scallops in warm water (Keep them inside their packaging)
– Heat 2 Skillets to medium heat (this is important)
– Once scallops are defrosted, lay them on a pan/plate on top of a few layers of paper towels. Then, pat the dry. getting them to be sticky and not wet is the goal. Then, season them with fresh ground salt salt and fresh ground black pepper (bc fresh ground spices are anabolic, duh).
– Spritz pan with coconut spray (that’s just what I prefer to use)
– Once you see the oil beginning “pop” begin to place the scallops in the pan. Keep an eye on which one you put in first bc you’ll want to turn them over in the order that your placed them in the pan.

– While your scallops are cooking, begin to cook your frozen veggies in the other skillet & portion out your rice (or get it ready to serve).
– Season your veggies as they are cooking. I don’t measure my seasonings, but this is where I put in a spoonful of minced garlic, salt and pepper. Sometimes I’ll add red pepper flakes as well.

– Turn the scallops after about 2-3 min (it will vary depending on their size and your stove top). They should be seared on one side and feel very soft. I flip mine with metal tongs bc they are very delicate and will fall apart otherwise.

– Veggies should be finished. Put them in a bowl and set the aside.
– If you weigh your food you’ll want to mix the “stir fry” separately like I list, but if you’re serving a group or something and eye balling your measurements, you can just toss your rice into the skillet where your veggies are cooking and add the sauces to taste.
Since we measure I portioned my rice separate from Mitchell’s and “fried” it in the same pan as the veggies. Added veggies and sauces for each of us and put the fried rice directly on our plates.

-Scallops should be done at this point (maybe sooner, keep an eye on them while you’re frying your rice & veggies). Portion your scallops on the plate with your rice and veggies!

VoilĂ . Enjoy!!